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School or Affiliation: New York University Stern School of Business
New York, NY

Net Present Vocals

Net Present Vocals started in the 1997-1998 academic year. We began with 10 singers that year. Although we had just a few performances that year, we started the tradition of singing the National Anthem at Stern's Pre-commencement ceremonies.

Throughout this period NPV was an unofficial club. Members joined through word-of-mouth and the occasional cryptic e-mail. During the summer of 2000, Net Present Vocals successfully petitioned to be an official Stern club, thus creating a more stable, long-lasting structure for the group.

Currently NPV does 4 or more performances each school year. NPV performs at Beer Blast once in the Fall and once in the Spring. NPV is also the major attraction at the annual Stern Follies. We proudly continue the tradition of performing the National Anthem at the Pre-commencement ceremony.


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