School or Affiliation: SUNY Genesco
Genesco, NY


NARD is four guys at SUNY Geneseo - Nick Moran, Alex MacDonald, Rob Line, and myself, Dave Gordon. We hail from different parts of New York (Long Island, Long Island, Rochester, and Buffalo, respectively) and met randomly in the first week of freshman year. After finding out that Geneseo already had a barbershop quartet, we figured we'd give it a shot anyway, and started "rehearsing" weekday nights - often after midnight - and just goofing around together. We came up with the name "NARD" early freshman year during a brainstorming session. We feel it reflects our creativity and originality. Also, it rhymes with "yeoman of the guard", which is an officer in the ceremonial bodyguard of the British Monarch. NARD certainly loves those crazy Brits. Hell, Dave was even born there.


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