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School or Affiliation: Napa High School
Napa, CA

Napa High Vocal Music Workshop

We are a group of 10 people with an amazing talent... singing! We go to Napa High School, and are under the direction of Jamie Butler, the coolest teacher alive! Established in 1973, as a "show choir" complete with band and choreography, Napa High's Vocal Music Workshop has evolved through the years to it's current form; 10 students singing a wide range of a cappella music from jazz and contemporary popular music to spirituals. The current group has already garnered some regional fame due to its 2005 performance with world renown recording artist Bobby McFerrin. Through the years the group has shared the stage with amazing performers such as Rockapella, Dick Van Dyke and The House Jacks. Our vocals and music are better, our teacher is better and our friendship has become more important than ever. Singing is our passion and you can tell by our music! We are so blessed to all have each other and the wonderful teacher and support we do! We don't know what we'd do without this program. It's our Life, It's Music. "Never let music go, keep it in your life forever, keep it a part of you... it's very important." - Jamie Butler


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