Formed in 1999 with the vision to be Asia’s leading all female vocal band, NANU has come full circle this year with a professional team of singers and musicians that will allow it to showcase the all female prowress of vocal agility and talent.
From local competition The Big Break (finalists) and local functions to recording songs on 3 compilation albums to overseas performances in Jakarta and Boston at the East Coast A Cappella Summit and in 2004, Netherland’s Music Competition, NANU is one of the few local a cappella groups that has grown from strength to strength and explored performing and competing overseas.
The group’s continued vision is to continue competing and performing overseas to represent Singapore’s a cappella scene with it’s developing professional standard. This year’s revival of the group with it’s long term vision of producing more concerts and foreign shows, will see the group mounting greater achievements for the local a cappella scene.
The music of nanu includes pop and R&B music in several languages including English, Mandarin, Japanese and Tagalog. The group also writes it’s own music and is a supporter of local song writers. The strength of the group is its staple of singers, who each brings her individual unique style and approach to music – making and solo singing capabilities. An awesome ensemble to watch out for!


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