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More Fools than Wise is a student-run and organized chamber singing ensemble. We were founded in 1998 by several members of the music department to provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to sing choral music in a small ensemble, separate from the University's Concert Choir. Each year we perform at various events across campus and the St. Louis area, and we end each semester with a large-scale concert event. Our Madrigal Feaste occurs on two nights the end of the fall semester. In complete Renaissance garb, we present an evening of Medieval entertainment for our guests, including a short play, three-course meal, full-length concert, and terribly affected english accents. The April Fools Concert happens near the end of the spring semester. Unlike the Madrigal Feaste, this event is strictly a concert performance and represents the culmination of an entire year's worth of rehearsing. Without a play and dinner to produce, the repertoire for this concert tends to be more adventurous and complex than our fall program.


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