Moçoilas are four women, singing a capella, songs from an ancient Portugal, that barely no one knows. They started by recovering some traditional music from Algarve and Alentejo (South of Portugal), always adding their original touch. Their repertoire integrates, mostly, popular traditional songs of these regions, fertile on love stories or even on social issues. Their songs reveal all the glory and splendour of the Portuguese traditions with an utterly simplicity. Their repertoire began with the material that they recovered from the ancient; they adopted and reinterpreted all the traditional culture and blended it with some tones from today. The result?.... A tremendous success! The themes are short, intense and mixed in a way that transmits exactly the joy and nostalgia from the ancient mountain, caughting thus, people’s attention. Their latest cd, Qu’é que tens a ver com isso?, may look simple at first sight: you see four dolls on a terracotta wall. However, when you listen to the cd, you can’t find that simplicity anywhere. This rich and exuberant work, has, as their first cd, some traditional songs and other, proudly “stolen” from some renown Portuguese authors such as Zeca Afonso, José Mário Branco and Sérgio Godinho and a few written and composed by themselves. This work expresses the daily routine of people from Serra do Caldeirão, which is almost inexistent; still they interpret it in their own way. Qu’é que tens a ver com isso? Is not a work of ethnographic preservation, it is more like a way of promoting those ancient songs, in an utterly personalized way.


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