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28-27 46th St #1-R
Astoria, NY

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage is a hilarious, witty, slightly subversive, and delightfully goony a cappella musical in which employees of a Big Brother-type fast food chain must initiate its trainees (the audience) into the wonders of "hamburgerology." Learn the art of spatulary, discuss the finer points of post-Mustardism and avoid the pitfalls of bathroom duty on the road to becoming Employee of the Month at Happy Burger. Described as "Fast Food Nation as if it were performed by the Marx Brothers and Bobby McFerrin on crack," Minimum Wage began life at the New York International Fringe Festival, and was written by the award-winning team of Charlie and Jeff LaGreca, who also star. It's a madcap revue filled with funny songs and skits and an occasional Fresh fry hallucination.


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