Winnipeg, MB


It comes as a surprise that Mindset (formerly known as Jazz@8) is comprised of only seven! With intricately woven seven part harmony, including driving lead vocals, blended chord progressions and solid bass lines with astounding vocal percussion, they produce a sound so full, it is almost impossible for an ear to decipher only seven members!
Their unique brand of ..a cappella.. vocal performance includes genres of music from all eras: from early jazz standards to the classics, Motown to doo-wop, 80..s pop to modern funk.. all performed without the aid of instruments! Mindset tackles it all with an astounding result .. succeeding in holding the attention of any audience, of any age!

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mindset has performed at a variety of different venues and situations, including holiday events, weddings, parties, concerts, functions and many other occasions.


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