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Mila Vocal Ensemble

Mila is a professional women's vocal ensemble committed to the authentic reproduction of vocal traditions from over 30 countries in over a dozen distinct vocal styles. While grounded in the harmonic traditions of Eastern Europe, Mila's repertoire also includes music from Central and Western Europe, Asia and the Americas. Mila has performed to international acclaim, always pushing the boundaries of rhythm, harmony and styling.

Mila's nine singers all hail from unique musical backgrounds and have studied with renowned vocalists from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain and Ukraine. Mila owes its accuracy and authenticity to passionate research and rigorous training with native speakers and performers—including two of its current members. Between them, the singers of Mila speak nearly a dozen languages. This versatile ensemble typically performs a cappella but its well-rounded repertoire also makes collaboration with instrumentalists a natural fit. Mila performs at parties, corporate and private events, schools, festivals and churches and also leads vocal and cultural workshops.

The name "Mila" has beautiful connotations—including "dear one," "love" and "celebration"—in many of the languages represented by its repertoire; it is also a common women's name in many Eastern European countries. Through the integrity of its music, Mila celebrates the beauty of the world's cultures.

"Mila sings chords that Lutherans do not have in them. You would have had to stay out of church for a long time to be able to learn this music." – Garrison Keillor


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