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School or Affiliation: Johns Hopkins
Baltimore, MD

Mental Notes

The Johns Hopkins Mental Notes are a co-ed, comedy a cappella group. We wear Hawaiian shirts and eat butter. Need I say more?...Okay, I will. We have three amazing CD's, the newest being The Platonic Make-Out Sessions (We like to call it P.M.S.). We're not into the whole competition thing - that just wouldn't be fair to our opponents. We sing for the pleasure of those around us, as well as our own...musical masturbation, if you will. We love to sing and have a good time together. We also love to sing and have a good time with other groups, either here in Baltimore, or somewhere on the road. Get in touch with us for a good time...and some good a cappella, too ;) We're looking for other a cappella groups to sing with all the time.


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