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Memphis Cotton Boll Chorus

This past year, we won the 2007 Dixie District Chorus Championship, had a wonderful spring show, and competed at the Memphis in May Barbeque Contest (in which our BBQ team finished 14th in the World!) Our 2nd annual Christmas show was a success too! Busy? Yes, but time flies when you have fun. Recently, we competed in Chattanooga, TN, where we finished 2nd overall and earned the right to sing on the International Stage in Nashville, TN, 2008. I will keep you posted about this exciting news. We are members of the BARBERSHOP HARMONY SOCIETY(www.barbershop.org), and unlike some groups who seem to pride themselves on NOT being barbershop, we definitely ARE barbershop, and we are proud of that. We sing a variety of music in the barbershop style such as blues, jazz, gospel, and show tunes, some of which were made famous by such musicians as Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and many more. We perform for various functions throughout the year in the Memphis area, and we travel out of town to compete against other choruses in our Spring and Fall Conventions.


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