Houston, TX


The Melo-D-Heirs are a dynamic Acappella Gospel singing group, focused on spreading the good news of God's Word with their distinctive style of melodies. This renowned group consists of all family members, four siblings (two sisters and two brothers). LaShondria Robins (Soprano), Larnetta Stewart (Alto), Rondal Melton (who sings Alto & Tenor), Lamont Robins (3rd Tenor & Bass). There are also three cousins in the group, Anthony Fletcher Jr. (sings nothing else but tenor...) Frank Melton III (singing everything but bass), and Harvey Davis Jr. (da-dup, dad-dup; he sings the bass). This unique formula of voices blend together to create sounds listeners all over the nation enjoys. The Melo-D-Heirs are home based in Houston, TX They got their spiritual upbringing at the Shady Acres Church of Christ, where Bro. Frank Melton Jr. serves as minister. They have toured all through their home state of Texas. They have also made appearances all over the nation, in such states such as: California, Oregon, Colorada, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Oklahoma.


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