An audience always expects from a music show an extraordinary mixture of several kinds of uniqueness. MAUF provides that in fascination, joy and music. MAUF captivates mostly through their live music using solely three microphones. Each of these microphones are used differently. The three elements are singing, beatboxing and creating sounds. This leads to an direct, authentic, lively mix of pop music, Techno, RnB, HipHop and World Music – not to forget fun and delight. MAUF have their qualities and have been recognizied all over the world. They have been very successful within the last 12 months and won 9 contests in Switzerland, Germany and Austria like the Austrian Band Contest 2006. The music of MAUF is on the air in the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Africa and Europe. The played over 100 live performances in countries like Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany and Austria. On stage MAUF is fun and they show a lot of spirit and a big talent for improvisation. But MAUF is more than these forms of uniqueness. The A cappella Beatboxing Band unites the art of making music without instruments with a modern and boundless approach and sound.

Award Received Artist (link to membership)
Best Hip-Hop / R&B Song 2009, Nominee

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