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School or Affiliation: New York University
New York, NY

Mass Transit

Mass Transit is a fifteen-man (give or take a few) a cappella group at New York University. But this isn't your choir-boy a cappella style. No sir... we take the greatest popular songs of our time and perform them with no instruments. Since 1997, Mass Transit has defined the sound of collegiate a cappella here in New York. Our repertoire ranges from Janet Jackson to the Darkness, classic rock to musical theater, soulful standards to glitzy pop hits. Though we all represent different academic concentrations, businessmen and neuroscientists and musicians and others, we share a common love of performing. Mass Transit is a beatboxing, voice blaring, melody making machine. Dancing forms a crucial aspect of our performance style. For our more popular numbers, we perform with complicated, flamboyant, and downright freak-nasty choreography. We've pumped up our crowds with our renditions of Bye Bye Bye, King of New York, Gossip Folks, Toxic, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Footloose, Crazy in Love, Rhythm Nation, Billie Jean, Cell Block Tango, and even the strip tease from the Full Monty. Who knows what we'll come up with next? That's the surprise and the joy of coming to see us perform LIVE!...


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