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School or Affiliation: Maples Collegiate
Winnipeg, MB

Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar is a senior, auditioned Vocal Jazz group from Maples Collegiate, located in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

Maple Sugar is known through-out Canada as a Top Vocal Jazz group with various awards and honors as being nominated for Music Fest. Canada 13 years in a row, one of the Top 2 High School Vocal Jazz Groups in Manitoba, and an offer to hold their own concert at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

They have performed at various concerts and held workshops, their latest being at the Brandon Jazz Festival 2007. The group whose members change every year, yet consistently holds it’s reputation. Maple Sugar is under the direction of Dorothy Dyck.

The group sings everything from standard Jazz to Latin, Pop, and even a little Funk. The group has expanded into various groups such as Major 7, The Sugar Daddies, and Sugar Mama’s.


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