Manginah is Hebrew for “melody,” or, as some members like to fondly translate it “Let’s make-a-da-music.” Manginah also means Brandeis' premier co-ed Jewish a cappella group. Founded in 1994, Manginah sings a mix of Israeli pop music, classic Jewish melodies and parodies set to secular music. Manginah performs at a myriad of venues on campus, ranging from events promoting interfaith tolerance to Holocaust remembrance ceremonies. Manginah also sings at fundraising events at on-campus coffee-shops to support the university’s extra-curricular activities. Additionally, Manginah prides itself on sharing its music with the greater Jewish community, performing at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, Hebrew schools, coffee shops, toy stores, and in many other settings. Outside of singing, Manginah members study economics, music, near eastern Judaic studies, biology, and many other disciplines. Maginah members are essential participants within the Brandeis community, serving as leaders in various facets of Brandeis student life. Manginah members are active in many organizations, ranging from the Undergraduate Theater Collective and the Outdoor and Mountaineering club to the Brandeis Basketball team and to the Brandeis student newspaper, The Justice.


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