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School or Affiliation: University of Maryland - Baltimore County
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Mama's Boys

The phenomenon now known as "The UMBC Mama's Boys started at the beginning of Fall 2003. Freshmen Jeeves Murph and Jordan Hadfield, each with extensive backgrounds i Acapella singing, had been taking about continuing their love o music by starting a college singing group at UMBC, as no suc group existed at the time. Meanwhile, in the basement o Potomac Hall, freshmen Chett Miller, with a background i contemporary Acapella, and Ray Remesch, who had been in hi high school choir and a few rock bands, were in Chett's roo listening to some Best of College Acapella CDs. Chett half-seriously suggested starting a contemporary a cappella group o campus, as most colleges have at least a few, and Ray agreed Through some miracle, Ray and Jeeves were introduced by mutual friend, and the two parties combined their efforts They set out to find voices, soliciting friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, random people walking by doing their laundry... anyone they could find. In the beginning, there were only maybe one or two loose meetings a week, in which they would sing some barbershop tags and one or two classical songs that Jordan and Jeeves had from other groups they sang in. Finally, Ray came to rehearsal with an arrangement of "Do Right," by Jimmy's Chicken Shack - and the group was never the same again. They finished that first semester with a repertoire of two and a half songs, Happy Birthday, and the Star Spangled Banner. During Spring 2004, the first semester the group was recognized as an official organization, they started having three regular rehearsals a week, worked up to seven songs, and held their first concert at the end of the semester. Since that first year, the group has been performing much more often, coordinating events with other college groups, working on more challenging arrangements, and taking on new members through an intense audition process.


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