Cincinnati, OH


MACxima is the premiere a cappella ensemble of the Musical Arts Center in Cincinnati, OH. The ensemble of approximately 16 vocalists is selected by audition from the Cincinnati region. MACxima's goal is to provide a high performance standard and to prepare young vocalists to be successful ensemble singers both in skill and personal accountability. The MACxima experience goes beyond ensemble singing, it is a organization where the members support each other in a positive team environment. The success of the ensemble depends on the advance preparation of music. Each member must come to each rehearsal able to sing his/her part unassisted. MACxima rehearses only one time a week providing the members a chance to experience a high level of choral music with minimal time commitment. There are two formal performances a year with numerous smaller performing venues. At the end of the year, the ensemble has a week tour showcasing the year's music. MACxima has 2 retreats a year (summer and winter). These are intensive weekends where the ensemble agressively works on the next concert music, does team building exercises, and provides an atmospere for group bonding in fellowship. Most of MACxima's repertoire is written by local composers or people directly tied with the Musical Arts Center's vocal and piano programs.


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