L'Shir was established at The University of Hartford in the Spring of 2000 with assistance from the Hartford Hillel Foundation. Originally an all-Jewish a cappella group, L'Shir has evolved into one of many denominations. We still call ourselves "L'Shir" which means "the song" or "to sing" in Hebrew. We also stay true to our roots in continuation of the traditional performance of "Shalom Rav" a poignant arrangement written by one of our founding alumni, Benjamin Rauch, in response to the September 11 attacks.

Currently, L'Shir consists of sixteen members, nine male and six female. We perform just about anywhere--benefit concerts, high schools, or opening for other a cappella groups within the northeast. During the 2006-2007 school year we won second place at the ICCA (Intercollegiate Championship of College A Cappella) quarterfinals (also coming in first place during the 05-06 school year!) Each year we manage to step it up a notch and hopefully we'll progress even further next year.