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School or Affiliation: University of California Davis
Davis, CA

Lounge Lizards

The group originally began in 1995 with a group of friends in the Integrated Studies Program living in the Tercero dorm building B at UC Davis. Magic happened in the dorm lounge, and so UC Davis' first a cappella group was born. Now, after over twelve years, Lounge Lizards is thriving more than ever, performing at a wide variety of events around the city of Davis, including the Farmer's Market, Picnic Day, and other benefit performances. If you see a group of Aggies suddenly burst into song at UC Davis' Memorial Union around lunch time, that's probably us as well. Thus far, our most memorable event was performing the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants game at the Pacbell Park in 2001. Eventually, after riveting performance after riveting performance the Lizards caught the ear of the Disney Empire and their CEO. Our velvety tones and lyrical tenacity seemed to be a perfect fit for the new Disney daytime show, "The Sexy Principal at Moonshine High", a exciting new teen drama where a 19-year old principal is torn between doing the right thing and taking his shirt off. The Lounge Lizards gladly accepted doing the theme song for the now Emmy-nominated show and have found fame and fortune ever since. Such recognitions include saving the world from masterminds by soothing their evilocity gene as well as stealing groupies from boy bands. Voted "Most sexy co-ed acapella group with pop-culture influence led by at least one person named The" in GQ magazine, the Lizards have not looked back since.


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