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Lo Cor De La Plana

Lo Còr de la Plana (pronounce "loo quar dey la plan") is a Marseilles' choir from the quarter "La Plaine", six hectic singers, accompanied by percussions (bendirs and tamburello), handclapping and foot-stomping.
Founded in 2001, the group devoted itself to the systematic re-creation of the popular Occitan patrimony. Their feverish singing ranges all the repertoires, religious or unbridled, repetitive or occasional, all of which, very often, at the same time! With this new and final will to be done with traditional singing, to cross swords with vocal music and polyphony, even if it entails waking up those who had been dreaming of watching the latter die in their coteries. In actual fact, these singers go everywhere, in churches, factories, bars or theatres, and do not hesitate to mix the baffling paganism of the ancient Occitan heritage with the concerns of Marseilles' musicians of today. Then, they deny no influence, from Bartok to the Massilia Sound System, no origin, from Oran to Le Rove, their only claim being to make detonate, reverberate and rave into their music all that their city and the surrounding world give them to hear. A police siren, a new-born child, the remnants of a paradise or of the fantasy of a paradise, a party with too much booze, sheep, wolves, and, to make a long story short, the peaceful and intoxicating fury of everyday life!


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