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At twenty-five years old, Living Water is still restless to make a joyful noise, to make known the Song behind our songs: the good news of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to loving each other, the students of Yale, and the New Haven community, through music, skits, testimonies and lives brimming with the River of Life. With a repertoire of songs penned by everyone from King David to Switchfoot, we sing hymns, gospel tunes, and modern Christian rock at concerts around campus, local community service events, winter and spring Jams, and annual spring tours. Our spring tours have taken us to prisoners in L.A., homeless multitudes in Atlanta , firefighters at Ground Zero, and malls, churches and street corners in countless other cities: Honolulu, San Francisco, Washington, and Houston. In all these things, our goal is to quench thirst – our own thirst for the Spirit of God, and the thirst of audiences parched for music, joy and a life larger than existence. We are a community of musicians, servants, brothers and sisters. We are Living Water, Yale's Christian a cappella group.


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