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Living Out Loud

18-voice acappella singers Living Out Loud dish up a feast of mesmerizing lyrics and unique arrangements with vibrant rhythm and delicious harmonies. Based in Clifton Hill (Melbourne) our songs - mostly locally written and arranged - are contemporary, spiritual and earthy. Many feature words by local authors Meme McDonald, Elizabeth Honey and Rosalind Price, grounded in the landscape around us and reflecting a sense of place, connection to the elements and to each other. Living Out Loud’s much-loved musical director Sue Johnson (Coco’s Lunch) is among the doyennes of Australian acappella music with whom we’ve been blessed to work. Originally established by Tracey Miller, we were directed for 8 years by the inspirational Melanie Shanahan, followed by talented guest director Stephen Taberner. Living Out Loud revels in sharing music and song as a joyful contribution to our collective experience of life and community. “An ever evolving group with a great sense of joy in their music” Colin Davison CD Review, Oral Majority June 2001 “The performance was very moving - 'organic' and natural. The arrangements were beautiful and the choice of material was great. Edinburgh Festival would love you!” The Proclaimers March 2002


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