Welcome to L’AVOCAL’s world ! One passion, different musical influences, and one a’capella band reviewing their big favourites songs. Four members sharing their ways of singing around one project: being a human juke box... They met in a musical school: le CIAM in Bordeaux where Sonia used to be a vocal teacher.The way they worked together in pedagogic program seized them to a personnal project. It’s been one year they’ve been working together and they are still building their set by now, but they already sang in show cases and first parts of big shows in the south west of France. They plan to mix styles to provide a music "listennable" by either musician or non initiates. They are preparing the next season to play in several festivals around the country, wishing they will cross borders some day to share their passion with as many people as possible. Hope you’ll enjoy and share those feelings...


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