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La Tangó is a vocal group made up of six Buenos Aires musicians committed to singing and sharing their city’s music and poetry. The have chosen an innovative way that, through stylized melodic and harmonic interplays, transfers all the passion and the force of typical tango orchestras and singers through a fine combination of voices and instruments. This new approach allows an aesthetic reconstruction of traditional tango in its own right, and leads to a poetic and musical identification that transcends the boundaries of its geographic and social environment to gain the heart and soul of those who are ready to enjoy and to accompany the novel expressions of these musicians.

La Tangó is a project conceived by Pablo Roset and Pablo Zartmann by the end of 1997. It was born as a vocal sextet and in 2002 evolved to its present conformation of a vocal group accompanied by two instrumental players. La Tangó’s first public performance took place in December of 1998 and was followed by a series of gigs and shows in various stages of Argentina and other countries. A series which continues until nowadays. It has participated in international radio and TV programs as well. As an independent group. La Tangó manages, creates and produces its shows from its own musical arrangements through the choreographies, illumination and clothing ideas. Everithing is carried out by its members. The aim of La Tangó is to project the typical musical and vocal art of the City of Buenos Aires to the rest of the world and, beyond that, to spread its new musical perception to the youngest generations. From a XXI century perspective, La Tangó intends to rescue and revive the deep poetry and beautiful melodies of traditional Tango.


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