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The Kyiv Chamber Choir was founded in 1990. Choir members include professional singers, graduates of conservatories and musical institutes throughout Ukraine. The Choir's major awards include: Golden Diploma at the First Robert Schummann Competition in Zwikkau (Germany, 1992); First Award at the Twelfth International Church Music Festival in Hajn?wka (Poland, 1993); Grand Prix at the Sixth International Choral Festival in Sligo (Ireland, 1993); Second Award at Langolen Interna-tional Musical Eisteddfod (Wales, 1994) and more.
Here represented the first Kyiv chamber choir CDs recorded and released by Origen Music in 1996.
If you want to know why the New York Times and Washington Post wrote about Kyiv chamber choir and why they were invited to the White House to sing during the annual VIP viewing of the Christmas-decorated White House, then listen their singing.


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