The Harvard Krokodiloes, Harvard University’s oldest and most prestigious a cappella singing group, perform popular music from the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. Founded at the Hasty Pudding Club in 1946, they tour the United States and the world, twelve tuxedo-clad undergraduates singing jazz, swing, ballads, and rock from America’s Golden Age. The Krokodiloes present a polished, professional product, fine tuned in the course of performing over 200 concerts every year. In addition to the 150 or so concerts that the group performs stateside during the school year, each summer for the past twenty years the Krokodiloes have embarked on an eleven-week, six-continent world tour. During that time the Krokodiloes have spread their musical goodwill to all corners of the globe. From Australia to Brazil, from Europe to Asia, you can always find a Krokodiloe fan. The group has performed for kings, presidents, princes, and ambassadors all over the world. The Krokodiloes have also made Bermuda their Spring Break home for the last thirty years, entertaining at the finest hotels and restaurants.


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