School or Affiliation: Studentersamfundet


Knauskoret is a choir located at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim. The choir consists of 9 male and 11 female students from Trondheim with one additional conductor. Knauskoret changes some 5 to 10 members every year. History: Knauskoret was established in 1975, in connection with Trondheims culture festival, UKA. Some of the members of Trondhjems Female Studentsongassociation and some of the members of Trondhjems Studentsongassociation (male) formed a smaller choir which was going to have concerts at Knaus, located inside the Studentersamfundet (house for students). Every second year, this choir were gathered to sing at the UKA-festival. After some years the choir started to gather on weekly basis. Today the choir has at least one concert every semester, and can be booked to hold concerts for minor events like private parties, birthdays, official meeting and other assemblies.


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