Washington, DC



Keyvibe is DC's newest and hottest co-ed a cappella group. This is not your ordinary vocal band, each member of our group has one sole purpose: to lock in to sweet-ass harmonies and give you goosebumps! 

Keyvibe is packing heat: We have girls with pipes, tenors with sexy pop r&b styling, and a soprano with a 4.5 octave range... watch out Mariah Carey.  Keyvibe doesn't just sing any old boring karaoke song covers, we dig into the hard stuff.  Key changes? Love em!  Time signature changes? Bring it on!  Medleys and 8 part harmonies? Easy!  Instrument emulation? No big deal!  All of our arrangements have a clear beginning, middle, climax and end…our noteworthy mountainous songs mimic the ridges in a key.  Each member of Keyvibe is carved and custom mastered in a way that fits into the lock of music so our sound can enter the door to your soul…




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