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School or Affiliation: Wittenberg University
Springfield, OH

Just Eve

Just Eve is Wittenberg’s very own all-female a'capella group. Founded in 2001 by Witt alumni, Libby Weaver and Stephanie Conway, the group is student-led, and is dedicated to arranging and performing a wide range of musical styles and genres. >From fresh off the radio to church hymns, Just Eve has a contemporary feel with traditional roots. Just Eve recorded their debut album, Lights Out, during the spring of 2004, and is planning on recording a second album during spring semester of 2007.

Just Eve performs two major concerts each school year—one at the conclusion of each semester—as well as several performances for different benefits on campus and throughout the Springfield community. In a nutshell, Just Eve is a musically driven, fun-loving group with a passion for singing. You’ll find no Adam’s here…Just Eve


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