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The group iNtrmzzo (previously Intermezzo) wipes the floor clean with its own genre. The new show Testosteron (Testosterone) is an absurd a cappella comedy show about men with big mouths and small hearts. Four guys adrift, with a tough look on life, crude jokes and especially: direct blows. Real friends! Or are they?

A vocal, percussive and physical roller-coaster, told from the perspective of a tough, modern man; with enticing film music, well-known film songs, famous one-liners and notorious film scenes.

Intermezzo..s career began in 1984 when five students at the Utrecht Conservatory decide to fill their free time with harmony and sound. What started as an innocent past time began to take on a serious note in 1990 when Intermezzo was asked by director Shireen Strooker to take part in the theater show "Bouvard en P..cuchet". At the same time the group was working on its own theater show titled "An evening with Intermezzo", with their official theater debut in 1991. That same year Intermezzo released its first ..In Fool Color... With the help of others including Jeremy Jackman (King's Singers) Intermezzo worked on a new theater show they called ..Tribunal.. wich premi..red in 1993. They also released their second album ..Still Crazy... During the theatre season of 1995 and 1996 they bring their newest release to the stage with a show of the same name. In the mean time, Intermezzo receives the Silver Harp award from the Conamus Music Foundation for its unique contribution to Dutch popular music.

In Germany where Intermezzo regularly performs, the group received the cabaret prize from the city of Wilhelmshaven: the ..Knurrhahn... In addition to Germany, the group also toured throughout Indonesia and the Middle East. In January of 1996 their third album is released titled ..The Orchestra.., and this time the group works with the artistic jack-of-all-trades Bram Vermeulen to direct their newest theater show 'Tour 97'. The vocal refinement that trademarks Intermezzo is heard more and more in their own compositions, arrangements and Dutch language lyrics. In 1998 they again collaborated with director Bram Vermeulen when their fifth theater show ..Aap Noot Mies.. went into premi..re. Named after the traditional Dutch ABC primer, Intermezzo received outstanding reviews from the critics. At the end of the 1998 the group again leaves for Germany with their international theater show 'Under The Rainbow'.

"We make use of the a cappella style , but we don..t always conform to the standard of the a cappella world." Whether Intermezzo is pop, classic, total theater performance or singing alone can be best described by the definition of ..intermezzo..: ..something said or done that functions as an intermission, deviating from the actual subject at hand...


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