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Impromptu Q is a four voice a cappella singing group which specializes in classical repertoire. All of its members are either alumni or current students of the music program at Western CT State Univ. in Danbury, CT. The Q was formed in the fall of 2004 when Joe needed another act for his upcoming christmas concert. His good friend Ryan was a natural choice for a second male voice, but the female voices presented a problem. Most prospects for the second half of group were either engaged in other projects or were living far away, but through a fortunate set of circumstances, Melanie Houle and Anna DeMasi came on board after a few weeks of otherwise unfruitful searching. The wait was well worth it. Within only a few rehearsals it became apparent that these four voices were meant to be singing together.
Listening to Impromptu Q, it sometimes becomes difficult to tell whether there are four voices singing separate parts or two voices somehow singing multiple parts each... the blend is that complete and effortless. Melanie floats at the top of the harmonic structure, using her clear and sweet soprano voice to weave beautifully rendered melodies, in any style. Anna has a sultry and innocent tone in the lower end of the female register that merges with Melanie's voice to produce an unified female sound that will melt your heart to hear. Ryan's crystal clear and ringing upper register combines with a full and rich baritone range that gives him the flexibility to sing virtually any male part with ease, and Joe rounds out the group with a slightly darker baritone that extends also into the higher register with no loss in quality. The two men have been singing together for more than five years, and both approach their music with a similar style and sensibility, complementing the women's angelic and gentle tones with a strength and harmonic integrity that does not waver. Such is the sound of Impromptu Q.

While the bulk of Impromptu Q's performance repertoire is what might be referred to as "classical" choral rep, the group can switch gears with less than a thought and produce a swinging jazz sound or tackle unusual harmonies that require a sharp and precise modern approach. Under the group's musical care the simple becomes divine, while complex or exotic harmonies and rhythmic ideas become accessible to any audience. Between the four of them, the group also plays a variety of different instruments with the same skill and passion with which they approach singing.

All in all, Impromptu Q is a unique and fresh presence in the local music scene and they are looking to expand that presence, and their audience, far and wide.


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