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I Mirabili is a new-born (september 2007 in Messina) acappella group, made-up by the "Giovanni Mirabile's ashes" of the Maurolico-Seguenza choir, nowadays an unstable phoenix (will it be honored again?). The best, historical members of the latter musical formation, seven-year-born and consecutively seven-year-awarded, can this way give life to the latent ideas and to the fundamental experiences gathered. They boast the wonderful benediction allowed them by The Swingle Singers, whose works they mainly are inspired by. More or less twenty voices sing every week without instruments Wim Mertens, Mike Brewer and why not hungarian populars too. An a cappella choir under the aegis of the now-Rome-citizen Giovanni Mirabile, sustained by the technical and tactic guide offered by Sonia Mangraviti and Silvia Bruccini, the soprano hosting it.


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