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School or Affiliation: James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

Into Hymn

First and foremost, Into Hymn exists to bring glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We feel we have been given a gift and have been called to a mission of sharing Christ's message of love through the performance of a cappella music. We desire to have a ministry that spiritually feeds others outside our group before ministering within the group to ourselves. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to the rest of the sisters in Into Hymn, as well as to the people who hear us to diligently remain in the Word of God and continually pursue His will for each of our lives. As sisters, we will hold ourselves accountable to this and exist as a support system for one another. We will build each other up through our ministry of witness. We will actively strive for musical excellence, as we feel that this is a gift God has bestowed upon us. We will pray for and seek out performance opportunities potentially including concerts, recording sessions, and competitions in order to share the Gospel message with as many people as we can, as the Lord calls us to do so.


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