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In the year of 2003, a group of male voices from The Mixed Youth Choir "Iuventus Cantat" associoated in The Male Chamber Choir of The Choral Society of Sombor. Subsequently, in the summer of 2004, a group of female voices did the same. The founder and conducter of both choirs was Milan Radisic. At the end of 2004, both choirs merged in one chamber choir - Mixed Chamber Choir "Vox Euterpes" (Voice of Euterpe - muse, protector of melody and song). The choir counted 8 - 16 members, mostly young people from high schools. During 2005 and 2006, the choir had notable appearances in various locations including Osijek, Valjevo, Sv. Miletic and of course hometown Sombor. Choir's repertoar had masterpieces from world renesance literature to modern music, in which manner, a record was published in it's own production. Since 2006 Milan Radisic is a conductor of The Orthodox Church Choir of Sombor. The two choirs have merged and now work as one in The Othodox Church in Sombor.


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