School or Affiliation: Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


HooShir one of IU’s a cappella ensembles, made up of  undergraduate students who share a passion for musical performance, rehearse twice a week, perform regularly in Bloomington and tour the country.

The name Hooshir, meaning “he who sings” in Hebrew, was given to the group when it was established in 2006. The International Hillel Organization requested that a Jewish singing group perform for then-President George W. Bush at the White House for a Hanukkah party.

“Today it has become something a little different,” said John Zadlo, junior and musical director. “About half of our members are Jewish, and our repertoire consists of 30 percent Jewish and Israeli pop music, and the other 70 percent is contemporary pop music.”

“We are basically just trying to get our name out there because we have talent like Straight No Chaser and Ladies First, but we are newer,” said Julie Wolmack, Hooshir president and member. “When I started it was really small, and I brought in five or six of my closest friends to audition, and it has grown into a big close-knit group where we don’t just perform but we hang out every day and are all best friends.”


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