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The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers is a youth choir established in 2004 by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups with sponsorship from The Dragon Foundation. Its aims are to reflect Hong Kong's vivacity and give voice to the city's cosmopolitan spirit. Choir members are dynamic young people with outstanding artistic talent who are guided by Mr. Patrick Chiu, the group's Artistic Director. Their shared passion for music can benefit the entire community and enrich Hong Kong's cultural life by promoting choral and a cappella music.

The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers is also well-known for its numerous vocal bands, including the acclaimed male group Potenza. These ensembles provide an additional musical challenge for its members, who perform styles such as vocal jazz and pop in a smaller group setting. They have been invited to represent Hong Kong and to perform in different regions including Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Macau. They have also worked with many local artists including Chet Lam, Hins Cheung, Khalil Fong and Ivana Wong.

Members of the HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers met with wild success at the 3rd Asian Youth a cappella Singing Competition in South Korea in 2009. They won the Golden Harmony Award (first place), the Best Vocal award and the award for Best Arrangement, with songs arranged by one of the group's members. They also received encouraging results at the 6th World Choir Games 2010 in Shaoxing, where they won a Gold Medal in the Chamber Mixed Choir (Champions Competition) category.