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In Harmony

What started out as cousins just getting together, serving and performing in their respective home churches, became a full-pledged ministry in 1996. In Harmony consists of sisters Joyce and Christine, and their cousins April and Aura, all of whom have a passion in serving the Lord through music.

In Harmony have performed over the years with different friends/artists who share the same passion in worshiping Jesus Christ through music. In 1997, they joined forces with Ordinary People and put together youth-oriented summer musicals which they toured around southern California. IH's involvement in the summer music ministry with Ordinary People lasted until 1999. However, IH has kept close ties with OP and perform with some of the former members on occasion, the latest incarnation of which is called Monkfunk.

Friends/artists with whom In Harmony have performed: Ordinary People, Projekt Soul, The Papuri Singers, Mushpot, Kurtz Ison, Dorothy Nacita, Nate Warne, and Monkfunk


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