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Graduale Nobili was founded in the autumn of 2000. The choir comprises 24 girls who have been selected from among those who have sung with the Langholtskirkja Graduale Choir. All the members of the choir have pursued musical studies, and many aim for a career in music. The choir was immediately well received and after its first independent concert, critics heaped praise upon the new choir. "I declare that no Icelandic choir has sprung up fully-formed at its first concert like Jón Stefánsson's new girls' choir. This is not lightly said, but here everything came together: vocal discipline was perfect, the quality of the voices indisputable, and musical singing far more polished than one is accustomed to. These girls were, literally, wonderful." (Morgunblaðið review, Bergþóra Jónsdóttir) The choir participated in the European Youth Choirs Competition at Kalundborg, Denmark, in April 2001, where it was placed second. The choir's conductor from it's foundation has been Jón Stefánsson.


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