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Gr8ful Praise

In May 2004, Gateway Church of Christ celebrated her 60th Anniversary. Several singing groups were brought in for the occasion. Someone mentioned that Gateway should have a singing group for such events. This was the planting of a seed, which has now grown into Gr8ful Praise.

Gr8ful Praise started as an informal group, learning new songs to help teach the congregation and making themselves available to sing at local church functions. As the group spent time together and developed, soon they were investing in their own sound equipment. Eventually they took a leap of faith and ventured into recording their first CD, titled “From Our Hearts.”

Gr8ful Praise is composed of 2 sopranos + 2 altos + 1 tenor + 2 basses + 1 sound engineer = 8. Their music consists of a mixture of hymns and contemporary praise and worship, all of which are sung a cappella. Their hope is that God will be praised at all their performances and whoever hears them sing will be uplifted and come closer to Him.


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