Västra Götalands,


Gosskören is a pleasure maximising organisation with old and new classics in our repertoire. We believe in joy, humour and singing as a mean of bringing Sweden and other countries out of the depression. The choir and its' members took their first steps toward stardom in the showers of a local theatre after a separate performance in 1996. The members have their roots, mainly in the University play that the Gothenburg School of Economics and Commercial Law present each year but have expanded to include doctors, engineers and carpenters. You never know what one might need so we have, so to speak, covered all bases. We sing pop and rock n' roll songs acapella mixed with smaller expositions of life's surprises, ethnic simplicity and the problems of rising prises of raw materials. Through the years Gosskören has performed on small… and smaller stages in Sweden , Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.


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