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School or Affiliation: University of Delaware
Newark, DE

Golden Blues

The Golden Blues are the University of Delaware's oldest a cappella group. A co-ed group including all voice parts and vocal percussion, we sing mostly current popular music from a wide range of genres, including everything from pop to rock to rap. All of our songs are arranged by our own members. The Golden Blues were founded in the fall of 1988 by junior Brian Emerson, and became a registered organization in January 1989. We have sung, and continue to sing, with dozens of other college a cappella groups from all over the east coast, and perform at local and regional benefits and concerts throughout the school year. We practice three times a week during the fall and spring semester, and hold a concert at the end of each semester. The Golden Blues are also one of the four founding participants in Del A Cappella, an annual event that showcases all six of the university's a cappella groups.


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