School or Affiliation: University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI


What is Gimble?
An a cappella group at the University of Michigan singing a wide variety of songs for fun & pleasure. Basically...
One of the newest sounds in University of Michigan a cappella, "Gimble in the Wabe" sprang from the lap of the U of M Arts Chorale in early 1997, when several choristers were caught singing the same song at the same time in harmony. After much debate and many poetry recitations, the group adopted their name from Lewis Carroll's widely known poem Jabberwocky. Gimble then buckled down and hammered out a set of 14 songs, which it performed at the U Club with the improv group Without a Net in April 1998. Having just finished our 10th year together as a group, the madness that is Gimble is always busily bonding and churning out new songs.

Except we're no longer called Gimble in the Wabe (were we ever?); it's just Gimble now.
What's with the name?
Once upon a time, when the group was just a wee young thing, it was known as Arts Chorale A Cappella, since it was created by a bunch of people in the UM Arts Chorale (the group was commonly referred to as AC2 or AC-squared). Desperate for a better name, at the beginning of the year, the group renamed itself, "Gimble in the Wabe," which is taken from Lewis Carroll's poem, Jabberwocky (For an interpretation of what it means, see Alice's discussion with Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking Glass.) Unfortunately, no one ever recognized this name or spelled it properly (our name has been alternately misprinted, misheard, and misspoken as "Gimble and the Wave," "Gimble in the Wave," "Gamble in the Way," etc., etc., on down to intentional misspellings like "Gambling with a Babe" and "Wimple in the Gale"). It was just too long and weird for people to remember correctly (truly, a sad commentary on the state of literary education these days). Consequently, the group is now known merely as "Gimble." But who knows what will happen next semester....

In keeping with the whole idea of the poem, we have taken the liberty of adapting the words to suit our needs; thus we refer to ourselves as "gimblers" and often call performing, "gimbling."


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