I started out recording stuff for fun, dubbing my voice over and over on a bad mic with bad sound recording. Eventually I started making full length songs and it became almost habit-forming or addictive. I would just sit in my dad's home studio and record for 10 hours straight at a time- staying up until 4am usually. It became a way for me to make arrangements for an a cappella group I was in (Vocal Point at BYU- their site is byuvocalpoint.com....its a'ight). So none of the recordings I've done have been towards making a CD. But then a couple months ago I realized that I had alot of musical support here in Utah- enough to come out with my own stuff (instead pawning off everything to other acappella groups). So I got a new mic, talked to some people and "Got Nothin" is the first of about ten songs that I'm working on to create my own CD.


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