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School or Affiliation: University of Wisconsin Madison
Madison, WI

Fundamentally Sound

Fundamentally Sound is Madison’s all new, all male A Cappella group. Forged by young, talented, and relatively bright men from across the US, we mix it up with genres ranging from classic rock to alternative and, believe it or not, even hip-hop. While still a relatively young group, FS has performed with fellow Madison A Cappella groups TUIB and Redefined at various venues including Wiscapella, A Cappella Night, and combined Spring Concerts. Be sure to look for upcoming demo CD’s and performances on the site. FS loves performing for any venue, anytime, as long as proper advance notice is given. We would never let price be an issue, and will be performing for many free shows throughout the entire school year. Keep posted for new pics and videos from our past concerts and also for info on when you can attend a show!


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