School or Affiliation: Kato West
Mankato, MN


FROHD came together in late March 2006 when Bobby Ross, Matt Daley, Sam Hurd and Matt Olson decided to come together to form Mankato West's first and only a cappella group. They got started with the help and equipment from the Hall of Fame choir directer at Kato West; Rodney Urtel, shortly after, the group decided to add a fifth element, a vocal percussionist by the name of Marcus Fleming. After setting up several shows, the band decided on a nickname, and FROHD was born--Fleming, Ross, Olson, Hurd, and Daley--or, as the band is known among females, the Five Really Outstanding Handsome Dudes. The rest is history. We're having a lot of fun and hope to see you at some of our shows!


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