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The Choir FRIENDS OF MODERN MUSIC, seated in Athens, Greece, was founded in 1985 and performs all kinds of choral music. The Choir is remarkable for its performances in pro-classical and classical works, as well as in works of 20th century composers. However, the Choir has been particularly known for its performances in Spirituals and choral arrangements of songs of Modern Music. A cassette recorded in 1991 contains a sample of the Choir’s repertory. The second recording in CD, issued in 1996 on the occasion of the Choir’s 10th anniversary, is dedicated to composers and choral arrangements of the 20th century. The FRIENDS OF MODERN MUSIC have participated in a lot of Festivals and have given many concerts in Greece and abroad (Wales, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Spain, France, Hungary, Norway) having obtained many prizes and important distinctions (golden, silver and bronze medals, as well as the audience prize). Participating in the Athens International Choral Competition, the Choir was declared for two consecutive times (1990 and 1992) as the best Greek Choir, obtaining silver and golden medals respectively. On July 1998, at the 1st International Choral Competition at Karpenissi, Greece, the Choir won the first prize in the mixed choirs category and golden medal. The Choir has recorded new compositions of the famous Greek composers Christos Leontis and Mimis Plessas and performed them at the Athens Concert Hall Megaron (year 2000). In the year 2000 the Choir, in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra and the Greek Radio/TV Choir, performed Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” at the Athens Concert Hall and at the Odeion Herodes Atticus. In August 2002 the Choir won the audience prize at the Veszprem, Hungary International Choral Festival. In October 2003 the Friends of Modern Music won the first prize in the Nafpaktos International Choir Festival (Greece). Participating to the 1st Grieg International Choir Festival held In September 2005 in Bergen, Norway, the Choir won the third prize in two competitions for sacred music and secular music respectively. The Choir is a founding member of the Hellenic Choirs Association. The FRIENDS OF MODERN MUSIC, consisting of approx. 45 singers, is a mixed choir and is conducted by Dimitris Papadimitriou.


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