Aliso Viejo, CA


Frequency is a vocal band based out of Orange County, CA who is dedicated to performing songs from the 70s to today--Generation X and Y music--with a focus on connection to the music. This connection takes the form of the living soundtrack of our lives--the music that plays in the background of important moments and that we associate with our most important memories. With a passionate and thoughtful delivery, we take the audience on a personal trip through music they know and grew up with, inviting them to remember the moments and experience the emotions all over again. Like the old analog radio frequencies that first delivered many of these songs, all-vocal Frequency brings the audience a reminder of some of their favorites.

Frequency is a proud member of the CASA (acronym) Contemporary A cappella League and an avid supporter of the genre that believes the human voice is limitless. We honor the pioneers that paved the way before us and all the styles that exist within the title "Contemporary A cappella".

We are coming soon to a Frequency near you!


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