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Free Voices were founded in 2005. One day, three friended girls, who used to sing in a classical choir, got to know a CD of Close Harmony Friends (CHF), the oldest a cappella group in Slovakia. Inspired and addicted to that music, they learned by heart all the songs and later also all songs from another album of CHF – and finally they had to leave the children’s choir, in order to focus on their new passion. They contacted Mario Fančovič, the artistic leader of CHF and asked him for advice. His answer was long and comprehensive. He became their teacher, brought them to work of the Kings Singers, Glad, Toxic Audio, Cadence, The Idea of North, The Real Group, etc. After a few years of this fruitful cooperation, one of the three friended girls left from Free Voices to CHF and that was the breakpoint: in fact, this was the moment when the group name „Free Voices“ was created. Soon, the two remaining girls were completed by two boys and the group got busy performing. The personal composition of the group changed partially. After getting some more advice from other experienced musicians, and after having taken some singing lessons and defining strict rules of their work, the group decided to find a manager. Shortly after, he subscribed them to the Eurosong competition, where they got through up to the finale. After this success, which made their name be heard loud in the country, they applied also for Talentmania (Slovakia’s Got Talent) where they again experienced a good success. In May 2011 they recorded the first Free Voices CD, which, besides cover versions, contains also three original songs: What Is Right, A Fog Upon Me, and Z Osnov.

The current personal composition of Free Voices: Petra Kováčová, Soňa Kravčáková, Andy Belej, Filip Lenárth, Martin Kravčák, Juraj Mikuláško.

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