In 1996 three theatre students, Mia Hafrén, Silva Lillrank and Jonte Ramsten and a police academy student Kasper Ramström sat in small kitchen in Helsinki and discussed their dreams of having a rock band of their own. These four good old friends just didn't know how to play any instruments that would be suitable for the purpose. As they were all more or less solo singers they decided to start an a cappella band.

Back then they didn't have a clue of what an a cappella band is and how it was supposed to be done. They just did what they wanted and was totally unaware of the fact that it hadn't been done before. This is the reason why FORK nowadays can be seen as the frontier of the new generation a cappella. The combination of world-class singing, groundbreaking sounds, comic talent and extravagant fashion is a previously unseen act!

Award Received Artist (link to membership)
Best Pop/Rock Album 2009, Nominee
Best Pop/Rock Album 2009, Nominee
Best Original Song (Professional) 2009, Nominee

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